city-woman-walking: Why you can expect to loose weight in Sweden


You're Going to Need Good Shoes (and smaller clothes)

Swedes walk more than many other western countrymen, something that you’ll discover when you are living here. 

Why is that? Well, here are a few explanations from expats that have lived here for a while:

 The Reasons Swedes Walk So Much:

  • The weather is quite temperate in Sweden during the summer so it isn’t too hot to walk

  • A lot of people that live in the greater Stockholm area don’t have a car 

  • You can rely on public transport to get around since it is punctual and safe 

  • There are lots of "pedestrians only" walkways in the city  

  • Things are concentrated in a smaller area 

  • Food delivery is available in metropolitan areas so you don’t need a car 

  • Most workplaces are very accessible by bike, walking or public transport

And on the flipside, if you have a car:

  • It may be hard to park 
  • Parking garages in the city are hard to come by and very expensive
  • It is faster to use a bike than to drive

  • When do you need a car anyway?

Make Walking More Part of Your New Life

One of the goals in Motivational Mojo course is to get newcomers to Sweden walking more and as you can see that isn’t a stretch goal! You can make walking to or from work, shopping and visiting part of your everyday life in Sweden.

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