You have all heard the expression!


“If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur”


If you are like me, you have not only heard it.  You have done it, lived it, and bought the t-shirt! 


I got an email this week from a person that works at a client company. We usually help them with all their employee’s work permits. It turns out that not everyone gets help, this can happen when a company is decentralized. 


Nimmersion has been extended the trust by the Swedish Migration Agency to have our applications handled fast given that our corporate clients fulfills some requirements. In return, we have committed to providing perfect applications and to maintain a high quality in our work in order to alleviate the agency's work load. 


However, a client company can only benefit from the fast track if we have created the application. This is to safeguard that the application is 100% and all questions are answered beforehand, clarifications are done and all documents are readable and relevant. This is easier said than done. 


So when this man reached out today to ask why his application wasn’t in process of getting approved yet this was my reaction 



What application and who are you? 


After a bit of back and forth, it turned out that he had sent in his own application and hoped that our input would appear as fairy dust. I wished that too since it would have made his life considerably easier! 


  1. The fast track is a benefit extended to our clients only when we file their applications from A to Z. The “home-made” application process takes many months - typically 6-9 or longer depending on the VISA type.
  2. If the application isn’t perfect, even in the slow lane, the case officers will reach out and ask questions and they can wait for many more months before they give a verdict. 
  3. No, a certified partner to the Migration Agency, like Nimmersion, can’t step in and speed up the process after it was filed by the applicant or the company themselves. 


Well… what can you do when the application is sent in? 


If the expiration date for a current permit didn't pass then we can cancel the ongoing application, do it over and do it right. This beats a denial, although an appeal can be made there are instances where the applicant may have to go home and possibly starting over if it's a viable option. 


If that date has already passed for a renewal then we can help and evaluate the application and clean it up so it doesn’t get stuck or denied because of mistakes when a case officer finally gets in their hands. Being asked for additional information is a lengthy procedure. Anyone that has had the dubious pleasure of spending hours waiting in the phone lines to the authorities knows that it’s better to do it right the first time. 


How hard can it be? It just sending a few pieces of information to an agency and especially at renewal, they have everything already, right? 


That is a question that we all ask ourselves when we are faced with costs, especially in a pandemic situation, and funds are low. 


Well, it’s pretty hard actually. Usually, when something is a profession whether it’s dog trimming, building rockets, or filing work permit applications there’s more to it than you can expect. Some things, like a poor haircut for a dog, can be fixed, but other things like crashing a rocket or handing in a faulty or incomplete application for a work permit application will carry consequences that are really difficult to sort out. 


Worst case scenario it means someone may have to leave Sweden which is something that has happened enough times for the country to have a bad reputation. Thus far the government hasn’t found the time to fix this incredibly important issue. 


So, what is the moral of the story? Some things can be left to chance, like painting your own living room. Risking problems with immigration is definitely not where you want to save money since the cost of fixing the problem is huge and also it’s also at the expense of the applicant's wellbeing and future. 


Don’t let this happen to you or anyone you care for. You can either lean back and hand it over or you can be part of every step of the way. Why not give us a call if you have butterflies in your stomach about immigration. 


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