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Better Time Management is for Everyone

I belong to generation xxx.. whatever. The “too old for technology” generation. Yet, I have come to rely on technology as a life enhancer.

As an entrepreneur, I always look to save time. Even small gains add up. Grinding away on productivity you will save days or even weeks in a year. Amazing!

Improving productivity is something for everyone to consider. Upper management and trainees alike need to think about time management.

For excellence, productivity is essential. And of course, the right tech tools serve to make this easier.

Tech tools don't have to be complicated

My days are fun, in fact they most often fly by. For me the key is to spend my energy doing the right things, saving time where I can. Three simple tech tools keep me on track during the day:

  1. My accountability app keeps track of my goals.

  2. My time tracker that works in the background to measure everything I do, keeps me updated on where I spend my time.

  3. My browser opens with a focus question and to do list every time I open a new tab. It reminds me of my most important task today.

These tools work together to keep me on target. My own input is crucial to actually derive results. Some people thrive of accountability and reporting. I’m one of them, are you?


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