Office workers at computers: 3 super easy workday tweaks to inspire you


Having Ambitious Goals is not Enough

We all want to improve our lives in some way, even if it is something as small as having a calmer morning routine or being able to leave work on time.

Achieving your ambitious goals for professional success as a newcomer in Sweden means taking a step-by-step approach:

  • You must first have a plan
  • Then split the plan into smaller chunks of manageable tasks
  • When you have put the plan together all you need to do is show up
  • Show up daily to reach your goals
  • Document what you are doing for accountability
  • Enjoy your success!

I have tested many time management techniques. By applying those that worked for me I can leave work on time and I usually have a fantastic start to the day.

Your Tweaks Should Be Scalable

To be successful in an international job placement requires effort, make no mistake it will be hard work. What I focus on is finding the tweaks that are “scalable” even on a personal level. What can I do that generate great results without demanding a great deal of time?

My Motivational Mojo series is free to sign-up to and is where I share some of the tips, tricks and tech tools that will help you to achieve those all-important work goals as you get used to living in Sweden.

Three Ways I Set Myself Up For Success:

  1. My mornings are a good example of setting yourself up for success. Meditating every morning for 10-15 minutes prepares me for the day. I have many reasons for meditating, improving my focus and training my brain are the primary ones.

  2. My 5-minute journal is next to my bed. I start each day thinking of what I’m grateful for and how I can make this day great. It is great for attitude. Why not try it?

  3. When I get to the office I have a clear plan and list of my three most important things to do. If I do nothing else that day, these three things should be done. Know yourself and how you work. Usually, I want to complete them before lunch.

    After lunch, I run out of gas for focused work. This improved work model allows me to leave work at least two hours earlier than I have the previous 20 years!

Make More of Your Time by Signing Up to Mojo

These small habit changes save me a lot of time. Try it and you will see the results. Also, remember to give it a real chance for at least 90 days.  Like planting a tree, you won’t see much above ground growth in the beginning. Yet, underneath a solid root system is developing. You will be a steady and beautiful tree in time.

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