hustle-mug-photo: Love Mondays after your move to Sweden


Get Ready To Love Mondays

Mondays may be the best day of the week for you as you get used to your relocation to Sweden, at least until Tuesday rolls around.

Mondays are for new beginnings. After a weekend of fun, relaxation, and discovery in your new Scandinavian home, a brand-new week is like an unpainted canvas. You have, at least at the beginning of the week, total control of your destiny and achievement at work.

Turn 'Someday' into 'Monday' 

I have clear goals for the habits I engage in. 

I use the Pomodoro time management technique, meditate and journal daily. Some other goals are less consistent, such as yoga or writing. 

That being said, I spend at least 60% of my day writing. That wouldn’t have happened without my accountability app  Today, after a long workday I could have pushed the writing off until tomorrow, but I didn’t. Because it is a goal.

Showing up is the key to reaching your goals. ‘Someday’ isn’t a day of the week!

The Monday Mojo that forms part of our Mojo Motivation email series is:

  • A pep talk to launch your week right
  • Me holding your hand to find the Mojo you need to be successful in your new job
A new job requires you to be so much more, something that shouldn’t be scary but rather scarily exciting! 

Start Your Week Off Right to Gain More Time

As a bonus, putting into practice what you will learn, you will also have more free time for your private life. Time to discover the new places you came here to see and get to know Swedish people both in and outside of work.

Being successful at work means having more free time there too of course.

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