Having worked with employee-based immigration since 1995 we have a long history of working with the Swedish Migration Agency and other government authorities involved in welcoming talent to Sweden. 


Having a large number of immigration clients that all need work permits to Sweden, we have worked with the Swedish Migration Agency for better or worse over the years. Firstly, I'd like to state that the agency is the best government authority that we are in contact with. Knowledgeable case officers and impeccable work through the pandemic. What is out of their control though are the new laws that are consistently introduced by the Swedish government which require considerable administration, control, and time to complete. The result, of course, is massive delays even within the Fast Track stream. 


When politicians use a broad brush to create change, they do so without knowing how things actually work. We all understand that the devil is in the details and that the last new law that was introduced in June has created a number of obstacles for companies and there's more to come in 2023. 


Nimmersion's immigration team monitors and learns constantly what the actual consequences are for Swedish entrepreneurs, tech companies, and the corporate world in general. Not only do we look closely at the law, and processes, and we constantly tweak how we work to make it as smooth as possible for our clients, along with having a holistic view of how talent is welcomed to Sweden. 


Everyday questions for our Immigration team are listed here;

  • What happens when a company offers a probationary period in the employment contract? 
  • What is it like to move to Sweden and not receive a Personal Number until you have lived here for many months or up to one year? 
  • What happens to children that don't qualify for Personal Numbers due to the probationary period and what happens if you need to go to a doctor?
  • How can the employer offset the slow Swedish administrative process?
  • What is reasonable to do for new talents moving to Sweden?
  • What can you do when the fast track takes many months and doesn't seem to be getting any faster anytime soon? 
  • I'm nervous that my application was filed weeks or even months ago and I haven't gotten my approval yet. What is wrong? 

To help our clients we send out news alerts frequently, and also want to offer a webinar on  September 27th. The webinar is in Swedish and we have also invited a guest speaker, Martin Vildhede from Morris Law that will co-present. If you are interested in getting an invite please sign up here